I wake up with a ringing in my ears and blurry visions of Steve, Kevin and Jessica.

“I’m so sorry Michael, but he got them,” Jessica says. I get up immediately, still dazed.

“I need to find her,” I say. Steve looks at me and says he is going to the roof. Jessica and Kevin look at me, mouth ‘sorry’ and walk with Steve.

My phone vibrates and I take it out to look at the text. It’s another link. I press on it and a video plays. It is a live feed of a classroom. Inside the classroom I see Sasha and Nicole being tied up by the man in the suit. I recognise the posters and writing on the board, it’s Biology class. I run to the class and before I open the door I check for any traps. I look through the glass by the door and only see Nicole.

I open the door and suddenly I feel a gun to my head.

He ties my one hand to a table and goes to Nicole. In the back room I see Sasha standing on, a chair not moving. The man picks up Nicole and unties her. He then throws her through the window.

“Looks like she is hanging on to something,” the man says in a robotic voice.

He looks at me. “Now you have a choice, save the one in the room or the one hanging on for her life.”

He throws me a key and leaves the classroom. I unlock the handcuffs and run directly towards Sasha.

“Save Nicole! I’ll be fine,” Sasha says.

I turn around and run towards the window to pull Nicole up. I see the police and FBI have surrounded the university and proceed to run in. I manage to pull Nicole up and back into the classroom. Another loud explosion goes off and the room is covered in dust.

I look in the direction of Sasha but the entrance to the backroom has collapsed. I try to dig a way through, calling Sasha’s name but I get no answer. The FBI pull me away but I fight the one agent off, but the rest of them drag me away and takes me outside, saying they will get her out.

Outside I can’t stop thinking of Sasha. After about 20 minutes an agent walks to me.

“I’m sorry. She didn’t make it,” the agent says.

At that moment I don’t know how to feel. I look at the doctors attending to Nicole’s cuts and think to myself, what if I left Nicole and went to save Sasha. “If you would like to know anything else about the investigation feel free to call me.

“I’m agent Clive Johnson but you can call me CJ,” the agent says handing me his card.

I wake up in my room. I walk over to the window and open the curtain and window. I look directly into Sasha’s room. It is still empty and it wasn’t a dream. The incident replays in my mind. My cell phone rings and I answer.

“I need to speak to you regarding Sasha,” the voice says.

“Look, Agent Clive… I…”

“Please, call me CJ,”

“I don’t want to talk about what happened. I already gave my statement.

“We found new evidence and I might have an idea who The Killer is. I need you to come to my office. Just ask for me by the front desk.”

I put the phone down, get in the shower and drive straight to the FBI Head Quarters. As I enter I think to myself that once The Killer is caught I’ll be able to put everything behind me.

“Agent Clive Johnson please. Tell him it is Michael Prince,” I say to the receptionist.

“Michael. I’m glad you could come,” CJ says from behind me. “Follow me.”

I walk with him to his office and sit in the chair. “How would you like to work for the FBI?” CJ asks. I look at him thinking it is a joke.

“I don’t think I’ll be any good and I just want to put this incident behind me.”

“I understand. What if I train you and in the end you can decide. That’s the only way I will be able to tell you about the ongoing investigation,” CJ replies.

“If it will help put The Killer behind bars forever, then why not. What did you find?” I ask. CJ hands me a file.

“This is the autopsy report on Sasha. I’m so sorry Michael.” I look at the file and as I open it CJ says, “She was pregnant.”

Fuelled with anger I say, “Let’s start training immediately!”


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