The rain falls hard and as the sky lights up with lightning, a man dressed in a black hoody runs through the forest and slips on the wet grass causing him to roll down a hill. I run after him and stop at the hill. Another man stops next to me.

“I know a shortcut. Following me,” he says. The man runs off.

“CJ! Wait up,” I shout.

As we reach the bottom, near a cabin we see a trail of blood leading towards the cabin. In front of the cabin the man is sitting on the ground holding his bloody leg. CJ and I approach, CJ hands me a gun.

“No one will know about this. He is a bad guy. He has killed a lot of other innocent people.” The man begs for mercy but I look him straight in the eyes.

“Now you know how everyone you’ve killed felt. I’m not gonna kill you right away, I’m going to take my time making you wish I killed you immediately.”

CJ grabs the gun from me and shoots the man 3 times in the chest. As we are about to run away we hear a voice on a megaphone ordering us to drop the gun and that we are surrounded. CJ and I fall to the ground on our knees and the FBI arrests us.


It has been 6 months since the attack at the lake by The Killer. Everyone has put the events behind them. In computer class, the last class of the semester, I start texting Sasha.

Me: Hey Babe. I was thinking we could go away for the weekend.

Sasha: I would love to xx. Where are we going?

Me: It is a surprise.

Sasha: Can’t wait.

Suddenly all the computer screens goes black. A message appears on the computer screens


All I see around me are confused faces. The message disappears and another appears.

There are traps all around the school. Try to leave and the university blows up.

Professor Cain stands up from his desk.

“Whoever is doing this, stop immediately! Hacking the school network will get you expelled!”

Another message appears on the screens.

Only one will die by my hand today. Let the game of cat and mouse begin. I’m watching. Sincerely The Killer.

“Everyone calm down.” Professor Cain says. “I’m sure this is just a prank. I’m going to the Dean.”

He walks over to the door and as he opens it, I hear a loud explosion. I witness Professor Cain being tossed backwards by the force of the explosion. Mickayla runs to check on Professor Cain and says he will be fine.

Everyone’s phone goes off and a link is received via text. I press on the link and a video starts to play of the explosion. We notice that the video was taken from inside the classroom. We all look to the back and there is a camera on the ceiling.

The same messages that appeared on the computers, appears on everyones phone. Steve, Nicole and myself decide to stay together.

“We need to get to the roof. We can barricade the door once we’re there,” Steve says.

I take out my phone and call Sasha. She informs me that everyone is heading to the gym and is going to barricade the doors. She informs me that she’s on her way to my class. As we exit the class I see the professors trying to regain order. As the professors lead everyone to the gym Sasha arrives and hugs me.

“We need to leave immediately!” Steve says.

We start running up the stairs but then we suddenly stop. I hear footsteps in the hallway but there’s only Kevin and Jessica.

“We need to get to the roof ASAP!” A nervous Steve says.

I look at Nicole as she suddenly becomes pale. I turn around and see a man in a white suit wearing a red-painted wooden mask. He takes out two guns and starts shooting. We start running and hide around the corner. I look around but I don’t see Sasha or Nicole. Then I look around the corner and see Sasha and Nicole on the ground. I don’t see any blood, it appears that Nicole hurt her leg and Sasha grabbed her to the ground.

The man in the white suit starts dragging the both of them. I run towards him wanting to tackle him since his guns are not visible. The man looks up and presses a button he has in his hand. I see a light flash to the right of me and hear a loud explosion that knocks me against the wall.


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