That night while I’m sitting at home I start chatting to Sasha on the phone.

Me: Hey

Sasha: Hi. Why did you pull away from kissing me? Is there something wrong with me?

Me: No. I pulled away because Jeff likes you and I have a rule not to kiss or date my friend’s gf or girl he likes.

Sasha: Please don’t let me liking you bother you. I only have my eye on you.

Me: Lol shouldn’t the roles be reversed? I’m the guy and should be the one going after you.

Sasha: Well I had to do something coz you wouldn’t have made a move because of your friendship.

Me: I’ll have a word with Jeff. We should go see a movie sometime.

Sasha: Sure 🙂 just let me know when.

I sit on my bed wondering if it’s not all a joke she and Jeff are playing on me. But I decide that if it is a joke that I won’t get attached. The next morning Jeff and I go to a bar to play some pool. While playing pool I ask him if he would mind if I took Sasha out.

“She’s open game man. Anyone can try their luck with her.”

The last weekend before University starts again I drive to the lake-house party. I walk to Jeff as he’s standing outside.

“So this is your idea of a few people? This place is packed.”

“A lot of hot girls, don’t you think? Go and enjoy the party. I’m going to hang out with Nicole,” Jeff replies.
Jessica walks up to me and greets. “Nice to see you again Michael.”

“Hi Jessica. Have you seen Sasha?” I ask.

“No, I haven’t but why don’t we talk for a while. We could go inside the cabin where it isn’t so loud. We’ll be completely alone,” Jessica says. I see Sasha talking to the Captain of the basketball team, Josh before he walks away.

“Maybe later, I have to go,” I say and walk over to Sasha.

In the background I hear Jessica ask Amy what I see in Sasha. I walk up to Sasha and give her a hug. She asks me if we could go sit by the lake. We go and sit by the lake; we start talking and looking at the stars. I decide to build up all the courage I can and kiss Sasha. She looks at me and says, “It’s about time,” and proceeds to kiss me.

Sasha’s phone rings and she tells me she has to go. After she leaves I also decide to leave. I walk towards my car and notice a guy in a hoody walking away as I approach. At my car I noticed that one of the cars in the parking lot has two flat tires. But I decide to ignore it and head home smiling, while thinking of the moment Sasha and I had.

The next day at the university, as I walk towards Sasha I grab the university newspaper. I look around and see everyone looking worried. I see Amy and Nicole on their own while Jessica sits alone. Sasha greets me with a kiss on the cheek and we walk into the university. I open the newspaper and read the headlines

Epic lake party turns into tragedy. The Killer still on the loose.

As I lower the newspaper I see a picture of Josh with students dropping flowers at his picture. I asked one of the students what happened.

“Didn’t you read the paper? Josh was killed at the lake by someone the police are calling The Killer. He was wearing a hoody and had a wooden mask on. He stabbed Josh from behind and as we ran to stop him he pulled out a gun and shot Adam in the leg. After that we picked up Adam and just ran.”

Shocked at the news, Sasha and I walk to our classes. The incident makes me wonder what would’ve happened if I had ran after the guy in the hoody.


Tell what happened: What do you think will happen next?