After returning from the liquor store I drive home. A bit nervous and fearing an awkward silence, I pull up at Sasha’s door. She comes out and walks to the car. While I’m driving, she thanks me for giving her a lift to the party.

“It isn’t a problem. Tell me a little about yourself if you don’t mind,” I say.

She starts telling me that she is studying to become a doctor and is enrolling next semester at the University of Jacksonville.

“So I guess I’ll be seeing you next semester. I also attend that university. There will be a lot of students attending that university,” I say.

“That’s awesome. Tell me more about yourself,” she says.

“I’m a little mysterious. So you’ll have to try to figure a few things out at a later stage,” I say.

“That’s unfair. I told you about myself but luckily for you I like mysteries.”

We approach Jessica’s house and see Jeff standing across the road smoking. I park the car across the road next to Jeff.

“Dude where’s your car?” I ask Jeff.

“I got a ride with Steve. Let’s get this party started,” Jeff says and gets in the car.

He opens the cooler box and takes out the bottle of whiskey, the drinks and glasses and pours for the three of us. About half an hour later we decide to go in the house. The music is playing loudly and all eyes are on Sasha. I decide to get myself a drink and give Jeff the opportunity to be alone with Sasha.

Suddenly Jessica taps me on the shoulder. “Glad you could make it.” We start talking and then her friends, Nicole and Amber join us. They also start speaking to me and ask me to join them at the back of the house. I accompany them to the back of the house where we spend about an hour talking.

I hear a commotion and go to check it out. In front of the house I see a drunk Jeff fighting with a guy. I run and break up the fight and in the process I get punched. Out of anger I give the guy a hard punch in the face, knocking him out. I tell Jeff that we are leaving but he is stubborn.

“I’m leaving but if you guys want to stay you’re more than welcome.”

“I’m leaving with you,” Sasha says.

“Fine!” Jeff says. We walk to the car and Jeff gets in the back and lies on the back seat. I drive off.

“I’m sorry about spoiling your night.” I apologise to Sasha.

“You didn’t spoil my night. I had fun.” After dropping Jeff at home I drive to drop Sasha. Outside her house I say my goodbyes.

“Enjoy the rest of your evening.” Sasha looks at me and gives me a hug.

“Thanks for a great night. Let me see your phone,” she says.

I take out my phone and give it to her. She dials a number and her phone rings.

“Now you have my number. Give me a call some time or text me,” she says and hands me my phone back as she walks into the house.

The next morning I get up and open the window. I notice Jeff’s car in my driveway and look at Sasha’s window but I don’t see Sasha in her room. I get dressed and go downstairs but Jeff isn’t there. I decide to take a drive to the lake so I take out my phone and call Jeff.

“Dude, I’m heading to the lake but your car is blocking my way,”

“Sorry bro, I was there this morning but decided to head over to Sasha to apologise about last night,” he says.

“Yeah, you were totally wasted last night,” I tease.

“Yeah,” Jeff laughs. Why don’t the three of us head to my uncle’s lake house next month? We can invite a few people.”

“Sounds like fun but for now can you please move your car?”

“Alright man I’m on my way,”

Jeff and Sasha walk over towards me. He gets in his car and Sasha opens my car door.

“Thanks again for last night and getting me home safely. So where are you heading? I thought we could hangout today,” she says.

I tell her I’m heading to the lake just to relax and invite her along. The three of us then drive to the lake with our own cars. At the lake Jeff suggests that we throw a party before the next semester starts.

“Sure but don’t start a fight this time,” I say.

“I didn’t start the fight. That guy didn’t want to back off of Sasha,” Jeff says. He receives a call and says he has to leave. Sasha and I spend the entire day at the lake.

“Jeff tried making a move on me at the party. When he tried kissing me I pulled away. He came to my house and kept apologising. Please don’t tell him I told you,” she says.

The sky turns from blue to orange as Sasha and myself watch the sun set. The orange sky turns black. Under the moonlight Sasha closes her eyes and goes in for a kiss. I badly want to kiss her but I can’t do that to Jeff.

“It’s getting late. We should probably go.” I say. We drive home afterwards.


Tell us what you think: Would you have kissed Sasha if you were Michael? Why? Why not?