I don’ t know how but it happened, I had so much to drink, I lost count. All I could see was stars and him. Thomas of course. I felt safe in his warm arms. He was different and protective towards me but somehow I blamed him. How could he let me drink this much? I couldn’t even stand up straight. Clumsy me.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said, looking me straight in the eyes. I froze for a moment. If we left this place, where were we going? I asked myself that question. I knew no one here, only Lucia and Zack.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked him in fear. He laughed heartily and I was confused. I didn’t know whether it was him who was laughing or the alcohol.

“Somewhere beautiful and quiet. A place we can be together. Don’t you want me to show you real stars?” He smiled.

I felt comfortable. He had a smile that could heal a broken soul. He held my hand and we hit the exit. Outside he took out the keys. “Ready for a ride?” He opened the door for me and it felt wonderful. A guy opening a door for me? It was amazing, though curiosity got me the minute he played Miley Cyrus. ADORE! I lost all control. Man, that was my favorite song. While driving, he gently put his hand on my thigh and the honest truth is that I was flattered. Clearly alcohol has a way of destroying your brain cells. You can’t think straight; every single thing feels right.

He stopped the car on a hilly mountain road and it was just me and him in the dark. My heart was pounding and I could hear it beat louder and louder. This is it! I’m dead! Thomas opened the door for me again. “Come this way…” our eyes met and something magical happened right there but still, I was nervous. “Close your eyes…” he demanded. I looked at him confused and he smiled. “I said close your eyes!” I finally listened to him and did as he said. He held my hand and we took a few steps and he whispered in my ear: “Open your eyes!”

“Wow this is beautiful, look at the stars!”

“Shhh…” He put his finger on my lips. The view was marvelous, I could see the stars close by and shining bright in the sky.

“These are The Three Sisters…” His tender voice filled my ears as he pointed at the stars. He continued telling me about the names of the stars and I wished he would just shut up and kiss me. It was quiet and peaceful, and there was only the beautiful sound of the night and the stars.

On our way back to the tavern we were silent with music playing in the background. He kept staring at me. I couldn’t believe Thomas; men like him were rare. If it was some other guy, I could have been raped, or worse killed, but he was different; a gentleman and a sweetheart. “Can I take you home? It’s late, it’s no longer safe,” he said.

“No thank you, we have our own transport,” I replied.

He shook his head: “Where is the driver? Is he drinking as well?” he asked, concerned when I nodded.

“No! This is not good! Don’t you know how dangerous drinking and driving is?”

“You are also drunk, but here you are driving!” I rolled my eyes, annoyed.

“I only drank one glass in case you didn’t notice?” he sighed and continued: “It’s okay if you feel it’s alright to allow him to drive you home.”

“Oh, you were busy giving me alcohol while you never touched any. You enjoyed watching me drunk, ha?” I was fuming. How could he play me like this? Making me believe he was also drinking.

He never said a word in reply and silence filled the car again. When we arrived at the tavern, I quickly got out, banging his car door, and I left him trying to say something. I walked into the tavern to get my friend so that we could go home but I searched with no luck and I was panicking. What could have happened to her? Where was she? I asked but got no answers, just confusion.

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<strong>Tell us: Where would you stay for the night if you knew no-one in town?</strong>