“You look beautiful. Andile said, he found me at the bar having some wine.

“I know!” I said, getting off the bar stool and before I could walk off, he grabbed me. I didn’t expect to feel his touch against my skin, so it sent shivers through my whole body.

“So, you can’t even be around me anymore Zola? Not even for one minute?” Andile asked, looking into my eyes. I looked away.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare put your hands on me,” I said angrily and he let go. “Why are you here bothering me, Andile? Where is your girlfriend?” I asked, giving him an irritated look. I was not interested in his nonsense.

“I broke it off. Look baby, I can’t stop thinking about you. Can I come back home? Can I please?” he said, a forlorn expression appearing on his face.

I took my wine and walked away. This man had lost his mind. The barman and waitress had seen us and I was sure all the other patrons did too. I walked to the dining hall and headed for the table.

Lunga went and sat next to him and glared at him for another minute. He spoke to him in whispers and Andile responded.

“Pull yourself together, this is ridiculous, even for you!” we heard Lunga shouting. We all turned and looked at them. Then they went back to whispering again. Lunga got up and left him at the bar.

We thought dinner would be served in the dining hall but it turned out Lunga had organised a private dining suite where we were to be without the other guests around. Dinner was informal and gourmet street food. I thought this was lovely and I was happy I hadn’t overdressed. I was chatting to Lee. She looked like she was shy and afraid of everyone. Peggy came to us by the balcony where we were having cocktails.

“Zola, Lunga just told me what happened at the bar. I am sorry, are you OK?” she asked touching my arm.

“Yes, I am fine. Look, I am sorry Lunga had to see that. I don’t want to ruin your weekend. I don’t know what Andile was thinking,” I said.

I moved to the side and Melusi was sitting on the couch, he got me a glass of wine. Peggy raised the volume and started dancing with Lee and Melusi. Lunga gave a little speech. I looked outside the window and I was beginning to regret being here. I didn’t want this weekend to become about my drama, we were here to celebrate love. I snuck out and headed for my room.

Before I could even remove my shoes, there was a knock at the door.

“What do you want?” I asked, standing by the door.

“Are you OK?” Melusi said, standing in front of me.

I knew he was not to blame but I was angry at him too. I felt like I was going to explode, but he was looking at me. I felt like I was melting under his gaze.

“Yehlisa umoya, Zola. Uyazi kodwa ukuthi umuhle kanjani?” (Calm down, Zola. Do you even know how beautiful you are?)

“You can’t be here,” I said walking towards the door.

“Look at me. Please,” he said, now so close to me that I could feel his warm breath against my skin.

I turned around and he had me against the door. He kept his eyes on mine. I hated myself for it, for enjoying all this. His lips met mine and before I knew it we were kissing passionately. I pushed him away and he moved away slowly, wiping his lower lip. I caught my breath.

“How long are you going to pretend that you don’t see what’s happening here?” he asked and kissed me again.

A chill ran down my spine. I hated myself because I didn’t push him away. I didn’t want him to leave. How could I? I felt my top slide off and I closed my eyes. He was too close to me. I tried to back away.

“Come on baby,” he said, kissing my neck.

I was losing my mind clearly. I was getting weaker by the second. He gently pushed me into the bed.

“I love you,” he said and I lost my mind.

I was going to deal with the consequences tomorrow, today I wanted this and it was happening. It felt like he had been waiting for this to happen, for so long. Like he was here to show me that he could have me. I knew that it was true. It was unsettling but the connection between our souls at that moment didn’t lie.


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