That is how my relationship of six years had ended.

I heard that he had met her when he joined the law firm that he worked for. He seemed to love dating colleagues because that is how I had met him too. We used to work at the same law firm before I quit law to focus on businesses. I fell in love with him and despite everyone telling me we were moving too fast, we got married within two years of dating.

We had our challenges but nothing I couldn’t handle. The most difficult one was finances. Not the lack of money but having a lot of it, I guess. I came from one of the richest families and I was an only child, so I was used to a certain kind of life.

Andile struggled with this because he felt that he should be the one providing for the home and even though he did, I still had more than him. It wasn’t an issue for me, we just had different backgrounds. I think it bruised his ego a bit especially when I didn’t want him to buy a house for me. I thought it was a waste. I already had a beautiful house in a secured location.

I asked him to invest the money for our future. He didn’t want to hear it and insisted that he couldn’t live in a Mbatha house as it meant that he was living off my father’s blood, sweat and tears. I loved my husband but his fragile ego was annoying. What was wrong with this arrangement?

In the end I let him buy me the house but it was not as grand and luxurious as my house. But what could I do? I wanted to keep the peace. I was a little proud of him though, he was doing what he said he would – providing for me.

Then we fought about the many cars that I had. Why did I have four cars? Latest models too? I loved my cars and I didn’t want to part with them so I hid them. Yes, I took them home.

My dad told me that Andile was crazy. Now his baby girl couldn’t drive around in whatever car she chose because she was married to an idiot? He had worked hard so I could have anything I wanted, and this guy came around and wanted his only daughter to change her lifestyle to accommodate him? It was nonsense but my father knew that he couldn’t exactly get involved. I was a Kheswa now.

So now things ended just like that. I didn’t want the divorce to drag on so I signed. My father made sure that he didn’t walk away with a cent of my money. He could walk off to the sunset with her, that was OK, but not with my money. It didn’t make it hurt any less though, I was in so much pain and I couldn’t believe it. I got the divorce papers weeks after he left and I asked him to come over. I was hoping that I could change his mind. I was pathetic.

“Andile, please don’t do this. Don’t do this. Whatever I did wrong, I can fix it,” I said crying.

“You did nothing wrong, Zola. Please baby, don’t cry. Please, I know that this is hard,” Andile said, looking at me. I just wanted him to hold me and tell me it had been a bad joke.

“I love you Andile. I can’t do this. Don’t make me do this. I can’t sign these papers.” I said, my heart literally aching.

I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. I had a migraine and my eyes were sore. I was a mess. What was I doing, falling apart in front of a man who couldn’t even put me back together?

“I love you too Mashandu, I do baby! I do… But if I stay I will end up hurting you more than this. I am no good for you baby. Let’s just end things here,” he said, now holding me in his arms and crying.

We held on like that for what seemed like an eternity.


Tell us: Do you think they will get back together? Should Zola take him back?