One could wish him
ill the way SMSers do

Even doing the nasty
in Afrikaans shorthand
or flowery Afrikaaps

One could come over
all flamboyantly genteel
may you please depart
from this mortal coil

Vamoose decamp
scarper hightail

But definitely not the go
which signifies energy
drive verve vigour
Which our emperor has
when he gets up to dance

We could wax all lyrical
like the Beatles’ Hello Goodbye
Some might lament
Nina Simone style
(My man’s gone now)

But definitely not
When the saints go marching

Neither does there seem to be
an Exodus a Redemption Song
(are we Waiting in vain)

So People might Get Ready
and Get Up Stand Up
as certain luminaries have
notwithstanding their party-cards

It seems we now will
Find the cost of freedom
Some say, simply, Zuma must go!