Youth day June sixteen,
It was June nineteen seventy six,
Youths and students,
Walking in valley of death,
Storming out from Soweto,
And throughout the country,
Marching and chanting,
Songs of freedom,
Fighting racism with their bare hands,
Guns coughing bullets,
Like an insane monster,
Rockets lighting up the sky,
Like a thunderstorm lightning,
Blood flowing on the ground,
Like a red wine in production,
Bodies of black students,
Left on the ground bleeding to death,
They were like outnumbered troops,
In a world war running,
Out of ammunition but not willing
To surrender to apartheid,

They were brave soldiers
In a school uniform,
Youths Fighting Bantu education,
And for unity in Mzansi,
Whether you are coloured,
White or black,
Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,
Let’s hold our hands together,
Show the spirit of Ubuntu,
We are the one rainbow nation,
With different races and equal rights,
One nation with one goal: education for all,
Thank you, youths of seventy six