Words like sky and heaven,
Reminding me of how the ground is not
The only thing that is swallowing the people I love.

Maybe if I say your name out loud enough,
The sky will hear me.
Maybe the sky will die and spew back the your soul,

It has taken from your body here on earth.
It isn’t because of death that you died,
Your lungs just got tired of depending on oxygen
To keep your body alive.

So… here I am taking your last my breaths
Because the sky keeps on pumping back
The same air you once breathed out of me
And I can taste you on my tongue.

I have this knot stuck in my throat
From keeping your name there for far too long.
It is the only thing that the ground cannot swallow.

You are dead.
But your name is still alive on your son’s face and the sky.