Your love keeps on crashing beautifully on
my body like water waves along the
beach, it makes me feel warm in winter.

Your love takes away all the cold
like a see breeze from my haters.
Though haters try to uproot your love
inside my heart, I shall still raise the
tax of my feelings for you from the deep waters.

Even though haters try to wash away
your love for me inside your heart,
Still I shall raise my feelings for you like wages.

Even though haters try to devalue my
love for you, still, I shall remain special
to your house like gold.

Even though haters try to strap me to
a cannon, still, I shall never end up below
the bottom of the ocean.

Even though the weight of the haters may
be crashing down on my heart, because of
your presence in my heart, that was like a desert.

Still, I shall stick firmly to your love,
I shall never abort you like a pregnancy, for
your beauty beautifies my heart.

A rainbow that smiles when sunshine passes
through water drops in the air,
the colours of your veins helps to add
milk and honey to my heart that was
lonely like Likoma Island.