I search for your heart in Kalahari
Desert, for it, is my desired place to be
I wear your kisses like my favourite shirt
For it fits me like a hand in a glove

I drink your love when sickness knocks on the door
Of my heart, for it is a medicine to my heart
I sleep on the mattress of your love, for
It is soft like a flex foam

I taste your love endlessly from both sides,
For it is sweet like honey and discriminate odour
From my mouth.

I dress the smile of your love that jealousy
Fails to dress, for it iron my brackish tears from the
Valley of my eyes

Like my favourite music, I listen to your love
For it makes tears vanish from curves of my eyes
Like an umbilical cord to a foetus, my heart shall
Always be connected to your love, for it supplies
Me with fruit of life

Like a student during the examination era, I shall study
Your heart, for it, is a key that unlocks my happiness