Your love is like quicksand,
You keep pulling me in deeper and deeper,
The more I tried to pull out,
The harder it sucks me in.

Your love shines so bright,
That the lights makes me
Know it is right,
That’s why I don’t have to fight.

It makes me sad,
That I don’t understand you,
The more I love you,
The more am confused.

But I refuse, to stop the pursue
Until you’re here,
Right by my side,
Confusing me,

Maybe you just abusing me
Just because I love you,
Or I just don’t know you,
But one thing I do know
Is that you’re human.

You tried to pretend,
Acting as if you not listening,
But even my careless whispers,
Is pulled by your “magnetic ears”.

You know that I know
Your love is all I need
To make me complete
Like a real human being.