Young soldier!
“Yes Sir”
Run to the future…
It’s 1 June 2020 or 8 June 2020 school bell rings,
Your mission begins.
Be safe!

School gates are opened
For you to get knowledge of entering a better future.
Arrive safe!

Your mom will pray for you,
As you have to go to school because you have dreams.
Dreams to take your mom out of that poor situation.
When times like this come again.
Times of staying home.
You will be in the better home.

Fight, young soldier!!
“Yes Sir”
Here are the tips to survive the war and save the world.
Wear your mask to hide from the enemy.
“Yes Sir”
Remember social-distancing,
For the enemy’s grenade won’t bomb the whole squad.
Remember to wash hands for hands wash one another.

This situation doesn’t define the world of tomorrow,
Your education defines a world of tomorrow,
‘Cause you are a SOLDIER!