Young heads don’t think about the consequences of their actions
Young heads don’t know the act of selflessness

Young heads don’t know how to love
Young heads let lust rule their hearts
Young heads brought me hereā€¦

Young heads left me here without any emotion
Young man didn’t even look back

Young heads are careless
The only thing that matters is the moment and how it feels,
Young boy chose absence over presence

Tried to wear your shoes and see it from your point of view,
The view was clear
I’d never plant a seed and not make sure I give it everything it needs to grow

Young heads don’t you see the pain you evoke,
Young heads I know it’s hard to keep it in
But can’t you please try to cover it, so it doesn’t create unwanted blessings

Let this be a lesson, let this be a correction
May the future be different from the past
Pass on this message to the blind if you don’t mind.