The words and thoughts inside of me
I see nothing but agony.
You made me empty, or so I thought
Fighting these demons it was you I fought.

Astray I was led, in search of you,
Those who find you are the very few.
As a friend I would say your name
Through all failed happenstance it was you I blamed.

Forgive me please! I need you now!
From time to time I took the vow
To work for you, your gracious slave,
Deep down I knew I was not that brave

I am changed but not to your will,
The seed you sowed in me I killed.
My calling now in vain I know
Still waiting for the road you show.

You watched me and you let me fail,
You let the crumbles leave a trail.
The vultures came and stole from me.
A near afar, you were there, but it was unclear to me

These tests to test my inner being
No thing hidden from you I’ve seen,
A cry and shout to get your eye
Rowdy bickers that refuse to die.

When days are dark and friends are few
Your word and script I barely knew,
It’s in my mouth and in my heart
A place that grew from light to dark.