She said thanks and graceful
“Thanks to teaching my grandchild respect nature”
We grew up nature as our as our dependence
Rewarding each other for its products per dance
We never admire wild plants
Man was only personifying us with those beautiful plants
We never intend to take part
Neither we were exposed to modern party

They were more fruitful on the wild trees
Although, all of us have to bridge to be tease
Our joy we always cherish
We were not closed on the joyful crèches

Malibongwe is modern boy
He never hides technical joy
He is exposing to life of the cities
Training technical like he will fight in velocity
He brags about his technology
He said in it he gain more knowledge
Staying all the time indoor
Closing that shelter window

Practical things were done.
Indoor lovers were none
Mountain biking, hiking
He brought big peaceful flower “Granny I love you”
He learned not to be too materialised
Nature present God
God represents Jesus
Jesus represents peace.
He made peace with himself
Do simple things.