I wandered around thinking I will never
find you, even though I was not looking
for you I still told myself I won’t ever
find you

The pride in me overloaded as I went for a year
without finding you. Pain, sadness and all the
hate came, but you never came. Oh I went asking
myself will he ever show up? Smiles filled my face,
he will never show up and still pride overflowed.

You taught me how to live life, I never ran away.
But you never faced me. I don’t want you, but you
are too much of a coward not to face me.
A year went by and I finally found you repeating
my grade, it was one of the saddest moments
of my journey. But you taught me how to focus
on my success rather than showing off with
my pride. Even if you are bad,
you taught me.