I remember the cries…cries…cries…
Woman’s wavering voice
Women’s tears but I saw the truth
Deep with her being
That her ambition will grow
Like a seed that has fallen down
Just like her tears of sorrow when fallen down
In the apartheid era with no go erea
Hoping the tears will bloom the ICONS of an African woman,
As an apple tree that was irrigated with filthy water

You are the woman of warmth fire in winter
The cool air of summer blazing sun
The daughter of autumn leaves
The colour of spring
You are the shadow of your man
The walk-stick of your father
The chicken wings for protection of your family
The shoulders of your mother
The foot print of the past
The bird whose wings have been freed
The eagle whose trap has been broken

You are the mark that will never fade
The vision of power and glory
The worrier of apartheid
The only woman who knows to sing a secret song
The woman who was once judged by being a woman
The woman who’s walking the path of perseverance
The woman that touched GOD’s heart by her silent prayer
Her binded soul wounds give the spirit of Imbokodo
Gives the power of independent

The woman who rised during oppression
The woman who discovered happiness
You are the stone that drops into ocean
And makes ripples of inkululeko
I am talking about the woman who built a temple for her husband
The woman who live in the cacoon of her own making
This is an African woman

Yes! The woman who knows an African dance
The woman that touched the poet’s feelings
The kind of woman who deserved to be praised
The woman who ones in prison fighting for her rights
The woman who’s able to raise her voice
The Union Building knows you African woman
The woman who survived the thorns of criticism
The woman who defeated the storms of rejection
The woman who risked all for the sake of something great
The women who are not afraid to follow their vision

I call you the warrior because the warrior fights
Not just for himself but for the greatest good of all
African woman fights to birth the vision
And she fights to win because it is her duty to win
There are so many battles to fight on the path of freedom as an African woman