When I call you remain silent.
When I text, you can’t text back.
When I say I miss you, you just keep quiet
You said you love me.

Where else to go if you treat me like this?
What did I do wrong
So that you can’t even answer?
The love that leaves me speechless!
Love that brings about headache
What should I have done?

No answers to these thoughts!
I can’t even think clearly
Because you drained what I value the most.
I never thought that it could be an ain’t goodbye.
Who else will mend my broken heart?
But you said you love me!

How could I stand firm if my heart bleeding?
When I think of you, tears fall apart.
I feel like I lost all I have.
If love was a person, I’d have a bunch of questions!
But you said you love me!

How could I cope if I’m in frozen expressions
How could I make it if it’s hard to let it go
Why didn’t you tell me in the first place
That we are not meant to be together?
I let it as a marriage of true minds but now this!
You said you love me!!!!