Heartless you say
Have you forgotten?
Who was there when you needed help?
When all they ever do is turn their backs on you

When all you needed was a shoulder to cry on,
comfort, strength and reassurance
When you were stranded, who was there?
Who did you call?

Did you even think about them?
At a time they should understand
If not, why?
Were you afraid of the comments they’d give?

Was it embarrassing?
Why couldn’t you turn to them for help?
Andikwazi ucinga njani
I’ve always been there for you

Whether you asked me or not
I cared for you ngoba Ubuntu runs in my blood
I hated the things you did to me – anger built up
and even then I forgave you

Yet still you turn your back on me
You call me heartless, cold and cruel
I mean after all that?
But you said it.