But please bear with me,
I don’t know what the reality is,
My mouth is filled with unuttered words,
People have told me a lot,
Their words are like stabbing swords.

I am man in recluse,
Which many people would not choose,
In battle of words, I choose to lose,
They talk words that make me feel less,
They don’t mind taking me less.

The ex-girlfriend chooses to love
Other guy to shame my name,
Every girl chooses to make me lame,
Now to them I have no name.
I don’t really know what to do, you embarrassed me,
But you seduced me, you changed real me.

You poisoned me, you made me a fool,
Disrespecting me, jumping in my bed with dirty foot,
I choose silence but you were the woman with no root,
I loved you and you take your own route.

I lived my life, I moved on,
But as you lived with your new loved one,
I also moved on.

With that movement,
You filled my name with smudge,
You deemed my name to zero,
While I am struggling in books to be a hero.

I choose books because I have nothing but to find my passion,
But your friends caused reactions
That made me keep living questions.
What do I want to live for?
All you created was foe.

I reminisce about when I bought you chocolate,
You chose to give me hugs in thanksgiving,
Those were deceitful hugs.
Currently you are one of my love thugs.
I am living and my heart is beating,
Without breathing.

Now the cousin of insanity chooses no serenity,
In reality he needs identity, ‘cause he lost his identity,
He took my clothes and
Ripped me off while mutilating my heart,
He has no place to create art,
But he is filled with being ungrateful to me,
All he is doing is taking from me.
In my heart there is no place for him to create art.

Others say I am cruel,
While they don’t know what is real,
I suggest they must take him,
And live with him,
I swear they will know it’s real.
He has nothing but he thinks he owns everything,
My anger calls for death of him
Because with depression I may be demented for nothing.

I am living without breathing,
I am choked with smoke.
I can tie this rope,
‘Cause I can’t cope.

I have no hope,
While others feel dope,
For dragging my name in dirt,
I am smudged with being without something to fit.

In this world, I am last to feel thrive
For people most of the time I am chive,
For them to be thrilled.

Hoping one day,
You will feel what you say,
And live with naysay:
Brighter days are coming one day.

Best days,
Are curse days,
Sun is scorching next of skin,
There is no next of kin