Like the battle of the sexiest,
Where fairytales are made,
We all wonder what it would be like.
Under the story of the paradise
Is the reality that you can’t flee.
Myths ready to be unfolded;
History waits for no one.
The world, in search for its true love,
Fears it may encounter the opposite.
Death threatens, and that’s the case.
Let me take you back to the sensation
Of the realization of my jeopardized life.
A crash, collision, explosion
Stopped the earth mid-rotation.
For a second, I thought it was a dream,
My thoughts felt far from my brain,
Only to return to actuality
to find my pride stolen, mouth half-naked,
blood flowing through my jaw.
We didn’t plan for this.
Tears dropped like a winter storm.
The sun quickly fell,
The mission complete,
The journey cut short.
We were no longer passengers,
Street was a place we called home
Moving towards a destination.
Within moments, the street felt like home.
My eyes bled and burned,
Determined to fake a broken smile.
Picture a burning shack; someone’s home
And temple. Trace the image,
Like a sharp knife outlining veins.
Fate seemed to go up with the smoke
From the ashes of our overturned lives.
Still I ask, where is He?
For the first time, I felt ruined and lonely.
Death waits for no one.
Rest in peace, human kind.
The facts are underlined and
A forum for life and death repeats
From generation to generation
Articulately and eloquently.
I, for once, now illustrate my gift
Based on the discoveries I made in the wild.
As the night died in commotion,
For the first time I prayed for one more day,
One more hour,
And one more second to kiss my mother’s forehead.