You left your mark
I was doing so well
Then all of a sudden
I’m locked up in my room
Drenched in tears, ohh poor pillow

I was doing so well
Then all of a sudden
I’m tearing up my skin
And now it looks like some old tattered rag
You left your mark

Just to satisfy your pretend love
You broke this little girl’s heart
And soul into tiny pieces
Like broken glass she can’t
Be glued back to a normal state again

Your cruelty changed me, now how
Will I muster the courage to trust and love again
Well, don’t get me wrong though I’m grateful
Grateful that you taught me how I must differentiate
Between love and lust
Both weight-carrying
Four-letter words opposing each other

Congratulations, you achieved your goal
You ripped me naked and took my all
Those scars on my arms and thighs
Well, they all belong to you
You left your mark

You left your mark
On my heart not forgetting
My mind, arms and thighs
You left your mark to remind me
Of your cruelty