I used to dance to the rhythm of your beauty,
For it took away all the bitter areas in my heart,
You were the boat that shipped my feelings of love,
Now you are the rock that smothers my heart like a corpse.

You gave me the wrong impression,
Your words were too good to be true,
I just didn’t observe the signals,
Stupidity is my first name, for you played me right under my nose.

I gave you every inch of my soul,
But I guess my love wasn’t good enough to complete your heart,
I was an imbecile to believe that distance meant nothing,
I will never ever undermine it again in life,
Out of all the people, your cousin?
Your own relative?

It hurts more than the cut of a knife,
You sent my heart to the dessert,
Tossed it into the ocean of pain,
You invited all sorts of creatures to eat my heart, without blinking an eye,
How do you sleep at night? Peacefully?
Why did you escort my feelings to your love?
Knowing very well that my presence meant nothing to your world,

It’s true when they say, looks can deceive.
You gave me an unforgettable lesson, fed me a portion of pain,
I did everything,
I went against all odds just to crack a smile upon your lovely face,
You couldn’t wait to punch my face with grief, to slap my heart with your actions.