The mother of all, you have been the mother of all
From the moment you conceived me till now
You have been the mother of all and with all
From the time you gave birth to me until now
Because of the motherly heart that you have
To them, to me and to us,
You have been the mother of all
Even though you have meant to give up, but you didn’t
The valley you passed through because of me, yet endured
The laborious disasters you walked through…

You became the healer to those who are sick
You became a mother to the motherless
You became the father to the fatherless
Though you are woman among the women
You were created so wonderfully, having your gifted shape but.
Just to carry me alive for nine months, the toughest months
Yet you made sure that we become the better children you need

To me, you are like a hen that hides its chicks under the wings
We witness your character and attitude
We witness the work of your hands
Oh you mother
You have been the woman of valour to us all
Though you have X chromosome but still,
There is the spirit of a man inside you to carry us all
You have the spirit of a manned ship
To carry the heavy burdens, to hold the double-edged sword

You strived through all the odds and the tribulation just to have me
You struck the sickness and diseases just to save my soul
You overcame the valley of the shadow of death just to keep me
You faced the threats and accusation, but you still kept me
Some have been aborted and deserted by their own blood,
But you kept me
You have been the mother of all
And thank you for making me a better person