I pushed , you pulled
I plugged, you unplugged
I tried and you watched

You sat besides my heart and let
it wonder alone .
I thought I had someone whilst I had no one .
I wonder why I still wonder about you.
You failed me.

You let me fall into your trap ,
You put my heart right in front on an arrow ready to shoot.
So you let me die and forgot everything about us.

Silly thing is I’m still falling.
I get all stressed my mind is pending.
I forget a lot about school work but not a bit of your words
I remember everything you said smiling

I opened my heart and let you in,
I gave you the key and you locked yourself inside
But why do I feel like you burnt me?
I don’t know why because my heart didn’t have any conditions ,
Hot or cold you could have just made a decision

I gave you all and wanted you to make a call
But you played me
You are dead to me
You failed me.