Two school youngsters
Are all a-giggle
(What do they know?)
As we scrabble away
With a District Six Elder

We scrabble away
Making words for
The enjoyment thereof
Though we do keep score
Helping along the grade 6 girl-child
Who tallies agonizingly on her fingers?

You can’t play that word
I remind them no swear words
No acronyms no abbreviations
No proper names or words
The too-serious scribblers have
In their 2-word holy grail

You can’t play that word
(Zuma it is they giggle at)
Is it a swearword an acronym?
An abbreviation a proper name

Zuma, it is they giggle at
He himself a player
(Of the game of chess
Lest you misreport me)

(It has helped him
Exercise self-control
He says when he is criticized
By the opposition so-called
All agents of imperialism)

Zuma it is they giggle at
Is it simply a metaphor?
For the state we are in
And the way we are