For you are the sea of truth

That is deep like an Indian Ocean

My mouth shall never stop singing

Your name forever with a joyful tone

For your son healed the blind

With the power you

Casted on his hands, my legs

Will endlessly follow your

Path to paradise

For your words are cemented

With the beauty of your

Wisdom, my eyes will never get

Tired of staring at the makeup

In your words, in your holy bible

For you helped the Israelites

To cross the Nile river by

Dissecting its body into two

Identical twins. I will always

Be with you for it helps my

Soul demolish the pillars

Of challenges that have

Meandered around my body

You made Jesus Christ walk on

Water, how could you fail to

Walk my heart to the life that

I have been dreaming right

From my mother’s womb