There was no respect shown for the chief mourner who sat on the mattress
The greed and lack of decorum simply intoxicated them
So much so that they didn’t even realise that the body
Was being brought inside as they rifled through the cupboards
Hoping to find something that they might fancy

Those gaping holes, without filters, did not hesitate
To question why the deceased’s best cutlery and crockery
Had not been taken out to be seen and enjoyed by all those
That would be present
None of them asked about how the children were holding up

“I wonder how they will feed all these people?”
One whispered
“Who do you think paid for the cow?”
Another enquired
“Did you see how poorly dressed Auntie So-and-so was earlier today?”
Bemoaned the eldest of the gossip crew
“The catering and coffin will tell us everything we need to know ladies.”
Declared the neighbour

The reality is that only a very small handful of those who do not form part
Of the immediate family are there to show genuine love and support
Most are scavengers only looking out for ‘Number 1’
Those who truly love you don’t have to wait to hear that you are dead
To show you just how much they care