Outplay such my shadow that the world looks you to grow under…
Be inspired by your desired journey we shall guide you
From us benefit the great wisdom and elements of humanity
See no boundaries to reach for your dreams but possibilities lighting your way
Let not the world and its things confuse and destruct you on your purpose to life
You are a very special, intelligent and proactive child with tons of potential…

Fly with the eagle’s wings
Your happiness remains priority in an advanced way not to cripple your career strides
To us you symbolize an extremely appreciated and sign of our true love
Never live your life to prove a point but to make your mark
You are your own man and that needs to inspire you to live your life in your complete terms
We will never control you, not once but to guide you where needs be… judge not us.

Son in case you lack knowledge, to us you are our lives combined… don’t break us
We will always clean up where necessary, but don’t pollute when not required to do so
We will always love you… but please never underestimate our love for you
You’ll always be part of our lives… but never embarrass us
Be rebellious if you feel so because it’s within your blood but don’t lose character
Don’t let us influence you to live the lives we your parents failed to succeed…

Turning one year marks a symbolic element of great childhood stage and growth
That day you were crawling, yesterday walking and today singing… oh yeah I am proud
Honestly to us you mean more than that life has given us
Today we celebrate a very dynamic and blessing you venture to be in our lives
Emotionally we are counting non-stop that you are growing so fast
It’s your birth day Big Guy…

Upon your growing up please don’t judge us for how we are raising you
Please don’t mistake to think I walked out on you for servicing the people but to invest for you
Whatever you do never undermine people and never disrespect you
For your life is a miracle and we are so proud to be the magic man and woman
Your mother made me one happy, proud and blessed man alive… Yes, I mean it via you
Enjoy this day my boy and let not our distance be a platform for any evil spirits come between us…

15 February 2016
Happy Birth Day Kamvelihle
Ivakele Imithandazo Yethu
Aaaah!! Nozulu

With eternal adoration,

Daddy, Asavela Peko & Mommy, Zintle Mqatana