I fear it, believe me
Like a stranger with a gun I think he’s going to kill me
Some of us are blessed and we’re always happy
Others carry burdens of back luck
A misfortune that rests on our shoulders, always heavy

To think I can be a girl’s playground
Allowing a chick to give me a chick-slap on this cheek
Then another in the other cheek

That’s really nothing in comparison to this
Fatal and very sick heart of mine
That’s in the ribcage imprisoned

Do you not know jealousy, hatred and misjudgement
Live in no other place?
Or is it the smile on my face that makes you think
I’m a Gospel-ish, R&B kind of case

My flesh is fragile as a bite of a water melon
My emotions are full of rage and they bust like a cannon

Only god can cure me
And that’s if I’m willing

All this medication is stuffed in my brain
When I try standing up my head is punching the ceiling

I wish I could humble myself and always think as a child
“But Sandile, they said sorry?” No, forget it, I’ve gone wild

To put a love potion in my heart that’s as hard as cement
And darker than a black tar pavement?
You will get loving for the time being
But when it’s all said and done
On my way to heaven who will help to intervene?

Yeah, yeah, talk about it, I’ve seen you in your new car
And I so wished to be where you are

Do you know that the devil came to me at the age of four?
And that he planted resentment and jealousy?
And now I have grown with it thus far?
I have a very big problem in my head
That I cannot send to the decision-maker in my chest

I’ve come up with the solution and it’s proven
But this blood-pumping prick is turning his back on me
When I try to consult with him
“Stupid Cardiovascular!!!”
Oh! Please excuse my heart, we don’t get along very well
When will I build my own hut over a big rock and dwell?
When will I give in to the teachings of the Bible scripture?