I used to write drama-plays at school.
You can ask my former English teacher,
Mr Nolan Krull.
He gave me full marks,
Because he saw that my talent was good.

But sadly, he went abroad to try something new –
So I guess he flew.
I guess maybe South Africa is home just only to a few.
I guess not everybody will always agree
With everything that you do.
Nevertheless, I hope all his dreams came true.

Just know that no matter where you end up,
You’ll be good.
You’ll always be at the right place,
Doing what you were always born to do.
As long as you are true, you will not lose.
As long as you are in tune, you have nothing to prove.

Now here is a lesson I’ll ask to please share with you:
Always remember that you can do anything you set your mind to.
Always remember to be an inspiration too.
We all can pull through.
Just choose to – because no obstacle is bigger than you.

Put forward your best foot.
Being a little competitive is good.
It could give you a big boost.
Even introduce you to a newer version of you.
Edgy and cool.
Just know you’re blessed whatever you do.
God judges you only when you’re not being true.
Therefore, ‘confession’ of who you are is good!

Don’t worry about pleasing a few.
Behind closed doors they don’t really show you
What they do.
So wear your best dress, or suit.

From this moment forth, realise that only You are You.