There is nothing new
The more time moves our society changes
Yet the environment remains the same
Nature still survives despite the influx of globalisation
Yet technology is more alive than ever before
Technology helps us right?
Yeah sure you learn about the world around you
through the internet
All kinds of information is on Google
Junk information and quality data
Junk info takes away your precious time
Yet quality data nurtures you
People think that writing is difficult
Ya’ll know that saying
English language came by the boat


Yet they forget
That we’re programmed to learn
As long as you can read
And understand
What I’m saying
Then you’re literate

Think of something worth thinking about.
If you think deeply enough you can make something
Out of nothing
Wait Apple was created in a garage
Albert Einstein did things no other scientist could
Nelson Mandela gave us liberty

It begins with you
At the end of the day
You are the creator
Of your own future