You’re you
You’re better than you think
You’re smart, intelligent, honourable

No one is better than you
No one can do things like you
No one can move like you
Your smile, anger, sense of humour

Character, space, time
That define you
You have a goal, protect it!
Because you’re special

Give more to yourself
Stress down
Never complain or compare
No one can do it for you, but you

GOD makes people different
That is why you’re also different to others
Your journey, your path, just ride along
It might hurt a little bit, just ride along

You are chosen
God created you
See your own beauty
Positive decisions, not negative thoughts

Enjoy your own company
With no regret, forgive and forget, that’s part of you
No more motives
Just forgive

You’ve got a strength that God gave you
Stop complaining
Stop thinking about something you lost
Say this…not now!

Now it’s my time
My time to shine
To shine bigger than before – I am me