God created heaven and earth,
He took days upon days,
Took years upon years,
Centuries upon centuries,
Then he created you!

I am imagining him
A good mood he was in,
He shouted, “A contagious Angelic smile,”
That was on you!
Again, “A personality of great difference,”
In you again
I am sure he took a break
Had his favourite meal!

Break over!
Beauty that can be seen only with a microscope,
Goodness that can be seen with trust,
Yes it was you!
All this time it was you!
Tried to pause but it was you
The one with powers I’ve never seen,
The one I can’t even be mad at for a day,
Even on her darkest bad attitude,
Yes, a blessing what I see in you is beyond,
The greatness you have never lost!
Yes, oh well I mean you!