As I replay a smile on my
Face like my favorite movie
That does not mean that
I don’t walk through the
Valley of pain

Your mind should know that
My life is strengthened
With the scars of pain and suffering
For happiness is
Just a dream
I am still chasing

As I wake up each day
My mind tries to forget
My soured past
But the road to my happiness
Always leads my soul
To the wounds
I’ve been experiencing
In my dreams

My life was never kissed
With any blessing from my parents
It keeps on drowning
In the ocean of sadness that is
Deep like the Pacific Ocean

I tried walking alone
Like a gorilla from a
National park
My heart kept on raining
Tears of desperation that are
Salty like the Indian Ocean

As I go sleep, my mind
Keeps on asking my body
If others are facing
The same sombre songs that
I keep on replaying in
My life