Yesterday I felt storms roaring in my life.
Yesterday I felt strong winds blowing in my heart.
Heavy rainfall destroyed all of my desires.
Dust faded all of my dreams.
I lost all hope.
My tears were like an overflowing river.
But it’s all in yesterday.

I realise that,
Yesterday is the past, and today is the present.
Today I shall rise above all of my lows.
Today I shall dust myself off and pick up my weapons.
My weapons of success.
Today I shall blossom like a flower in spring.
Today I shall spread my wings above the earth like a flying bird.
I realise that today is a brand new day.
A day filled with new hopes.
I draw up my journey once more.
A journey filled with success and enthusiasm.
As they all say.
There is spring after winter.
And there is light after darkness.