Wasn’t that your face that was decorated with devoted and cherished smiles?
The century you whispered you’re the best in everything,
Long walk to the woman you have full-fledged onto today,
The road preferred; man and woman took to raise a princess.

You have grown up, hopefully more blessed than yesterday.
I know about the motionless mountains trapped at edge of your happiness,
All the obstacles you met ever since you knew the palate of yesterday,
Rivers that flow beyond your expectations and settings with animosity,
All the venomous fruits you produced yesterday matters no more.
Yesterday remains yesterday without interfering with today,

Today is the day we take time to plant seeds of honey for tomorrow,
Yesterday returns not, so be vexed not of all the trouble you went through.
The strength you had now reached another level, you are strong.
If there is a greatest day I should appreciate, it’s the day God introduced you to the world,
I cherish much not the day I met you but the day they called you Sarah,
Guess yesterday wasn’t much bitter but better
Because cherished moments were constructed,
And that made today.
You be you in the special way you are.