The world smiled,
Our paths filled with light,
Life was eased,
Children on the merry go round,
round and round it goes,
one screamed,
“The world is turning around!”,
no one succoured,

It was yesterday,
When the whole family shared a meal,
The laughter, the old life stories,
happiness seen in the eyes,
brothers serving brotherhood and so was
Sisters in sisterhood,

Death was miles away,
The pastures were greener,
No soul was imprisoned,
No life was burdened,
All was simply portrayed,
Love was a glue in between
Our hearts, all was yesterday,

All ended when the sunset,
Darkness rose from the mist,
We laid down with hope for better tomorrow,
In the morning,
The sun did not come up,
It was foggy in mountains,
Every soul troubled,
All started from the child on the merry-go-round,
But no one succoured,

Now our paths filled with undergrowth,
not lay trodden black,
Our hearts are weary,
Death as a predator preying on life,
we dwell in sorrows,
Constant pains,
O love has swerved to lust,

No rain falls,
Lands arid and dusty,
O what went wrong?
Each day we cry,
Tears fall as cascades,
The memory of yesterday
Cuts deeper in our hearts,
We kill each other,
We dwell in fear,
If someone would tear,
Our families apart,

Despite the flow of tears,
Suffering is never ceased,
Yet we smile hoping that one day
love will prevail,
Our sorrows will melt,
Our hearts will sooth,
Our paths shall enlighten,
Death be no more,
No disease will feed on us,
No pain will pledge loyalty to death,
all was yesterday,
When a smile shone as stars in the sky,
Yesterday all was there

When the sun sets,
Mothers singing lullaby,
Calming the breeze,
O their love envies not,
It doesn’t change as this world does,
we all on the line, awaiting death,
O our loved ones tears,
Their innocent caressing hearts,
This is life, round and round it goes,
our hopes are floating in vanity,
lost in sentimental beliefs,
that someday it’ll all fade