I’m not an American,
But I know yes we can,
Imma real African
And I know yes we can,

I’m a Liberian,
And yes we can,
I know Imma Namibian,
But it doesn’t matter
Where you come from,
Cos I know we can
Keep our heads up
Get our struggle and hustle on,
With our muscles, huh!
And yes we can
Make that change
Establish that lasting bridge,
That lasting peace
Doesn’t matter what you speak,
We can reach the peak,
Make the whole world
Stomp they feet,
To this Liberian beat.

Yes we can!
Like Obama, like my mama
Like they built the walls of China
Don’t wait for manna,
Am acting like Ghana,
Don’t wanna still underground,
In the grave,
Sing all day round,
First round, is a knock out
Like Mike Tyson’s punch,
Go find your match,
Before we give you more lashes,
Cos our efforts won’t go to ashes,
Past through all the mashes
Being hailed by the masses,
This song is so massive,
Fantastic, scholastic
Money magnetic, eccentric
And we have all it takes,

Cos I know we can.