I’m in love with a Xhosa girl
In love with a Xhosa maiden
I am a victim of robbery
She took my heart and only left me breathing

She held my hand at death point
Amazed with the beauty I saw
She spoke as though she was sent
And by her voice my body shivered

I’m a special fool of emotional bribery
because she cheated and lied to me,
but still I forgave her
She fooled me plenty of times

Thoughts of her keep me smiling
Us being in one place gives me joy
I can’t help seeing her
It makes me act as a child

She clicks her tongue to rhythm,
With every click my heart beats fast
She clicks till I can’t take it any longer,
She makes my bones go weak

I was presented and given choices
And I decided that it is her that I want
How do I leave her?
I’m in love with a Xhosa girl