My adventure in the world of love is very complicated
Even I can’t understand it

I love with all of me
I love with whatever I can
I love the little things about people
I love in any unexplainable way

One of my controversial love stories
Began with a wrong number I dialled
A mistake of pressing “20” instead of “02”
And, oh! The voice on the other side was so fascinating
I found out it was a wrong number
But the voice won’t free me
I was held captive
The voice a jailer
I am the convict

I called back and we talked like we have met before
I was wondering if she felt the way I did
Because she seemed to talk homely with me
I knew I have fallen
Fallen into another pit of fire
I am in love again

It is crazy to believe it
But the craziest is that she asked me out herself
Hell of a courage
All because of a wrong number
I dialled