Participants in FunDza’s second Write4Life Creative Writing Workshop held with Ikamva Youth learners at Masiphumelele each wrote a “bio-poem” to introduce themselves to the rest of group. (A biography is an account of someone’s life.)

You can try this too! The format for the poem is laid out below. Just add in words that describe the type of person you are to make it into your own bio-poem.

I am (first name only)
(four adjectives that describe you)
Who loves (three people or things)
Who feels (two things)
Who needs (two things)
Who fears (three things)

I am (first name only)
Who would like to see (two things)
I hear (three things)
I see (three things)
I want (three things)

I am (first name only)
I am (first and last name)


Zintle Magazi

I am Zintle
Funny , fun, loving and caring
Who loves family, friends
And the rest of the world around me
Who feels joy and security
Who needs love and respect
Who fears sharks snakes and spiders

I am Zintle
Who would like to see prosperity in my community alongside the growth of youth
I hear birds, traffic, dogs
I see beauty, ruins and a developing yet dying world
I want happiness, success, belonging

I am Zintle
I am Zintle Magazi


Uviwe Nqwelo

I am Uviwe
Joyful, loving, kind and trustworthy
Who loves all people, music and animals
Who feels let down and discouraged
Who needs motivation and confidence
Who fears failure, death and sickness

I am Uviwe
Who would like to see the unseeable victory
I hear sounds of nature, the voices of people and the unbearable
I see learners, anger, fear
I want to learn more, education, freedom

I am Uviwe
I am Uviwe Nqwelo


Asiphe Tyholani

I am Asiphe
Friendly, honest and kind
Who loves writing poetry, watching movies and music
Who feels happy and lonely
Who needs support and trust
Who fears heights, snakes and spiders

I am Asiphe
Who would like to see the world, its people
I hear voices, music, the barking of the dogs
I see people , smiles and fear
I want to achieve much, to be happy, to see the world

I am Asiphe
I am Asiphe Tyholani


Nqabisa Zanazo

I am Nqabisa
Kind, cheerful, outspoken and confident
Who loves reading books, talking and debating
Who feels happy and sad
Who needs education and understanding
Who fears snakes, spiders, dogs

I am Nqabisa
Who would like to see joyful people and the world
I hear music, stories, laughter
I see poverty, discrimination and the good in people
I want education, success, love

I am Nqabisa
I am Nqabisa Zanazo


Nomonde Kibi

I am Nomonde
Kind, faithful, caring, loving
Who loves my mother, my siblings, my home
Who feels happy but lonely
Who needs money, understaning
Who fears snakes, crime and fire

I am Nomonde
Who would like to see America, kindness among people
I hear birds, traffic, dogs barking
I see bored, sad faces
I want a car, a house, money

I am Nomonde
I am Nomonde Kibi


Ziyanda Tungana

I am Ziyanda
Funny, childish, loving and caring
Who loves biscuits, snakes and my parents
Who feels happy and helpless
Who needs understanding, education
Who fears frogs, dogs and grumpy people

I am Ziyanda
Who would like to see God, success
I hear birds singing, car sounds, peaceful voices
I see peaceful land with beautiful people and animals
I want a car, a house and money

I am Ziyanda
I am Ziyanda Tungana


Yonela Mpame

I am Yonela
I am kind, love people, shy, respectful
Who loves John, Sophie, Siyanda
Who feels excited all the time
Who needs to get married, live in suburbs
Who fears strength

I am Yonela
Who would like to see myself getting educated, a degree, dreaming
I hear dogs, pigs and a mouse
I see myself as an anchor journalist, a lawyer, a social worker
I want a house, children, a husband

I am Yonela
I am Yonela Mpame


Linda Malawa

I am Linda
Shy, kind, friendly, funny
Who loves my mother and father, my sisters and brothers
Who feels good and excited
Who needs food and a house
Who fears the Lord, dogs and other people

I am Linda
Who would like to see my mom and dad
I hear cats, dogs and birds
I see myself as a doctor, a journalist
I want a car, clothes , a big house

I am Linda
I am Linda Malawa


Miranda Manase

I am Miranda
Creative, shy, kind, an explorer
Who loves the library, computers and nature
Who feels happy but exhausted
Who needs money to save it
Who fears snakes, spiders and death

I am Miranda
Who would like to see bright future , happy children
I hear music, a busy road, birds singing
I see people, buildings, nature and trees
I want to travel, a big house and good food

I am Miranda
I am Miranda Manase


Anathi Mdibani

I am Anathi
Kind, confident but shy
Who loves my family, partying and going out
Who feels happy
Who needs a job, money
Who fears snakes

I am Anathi
Who would like to see God
And to be a doctor
I want education, money

I am Anathi
I am Anathi Mdibani


Lusanda Mbhibhi

I am Lusanda
Confident, kind, talkative and caring
Who loves music, travel and taking pictures
Who feels happy, admired
Who needs money, travel
Who fears not being heard, being destroyed, sickness

I am Lusanda
Who would like to see bright future success
I hear music, people talking, birds singing
I see beautiful people, Mosi achievers, friends
I want to succeed, to be heard, to speak out loud

I am Lusanda
I am Lusanda Mbhibhi


Thabiso Mere

I am Thabiso
Insane, tall, active, hyper
Who loves milk shakes sports nutritions and bikes
Who feels nothing or something
Who needs money and a doctor
Who fears failure, illness and anger

I am Thabiso
Who would like to see my wife, friends
I hear music, nice sounds, people
I see the mountain, sky and ocean
I want money, sport equipment, a doctor

I am Thabiso
I am Thabiso Mere