Should I regret anything at this point?
This is my path, my chosen path
There’s no use in repenting of my sins
There’s nothing I can give back to the dead
There’s nothing I can give back to undo what I have done
It will make no difference

This is no place for the weak
This is no place for the delicate
To feel tremulous for their deeds
Power must be tempered with ignorance
I can’t be a thief and have conscience
I have soaked in this darkness,
I am floating in it I feel nothing

And yet in this darkness one thing still appears
Clear in my mind
That alone like lighting splitting through the darkness
You appear so vividly in my mind, over and over again
As you lay dead, your body paving my path
You, my friends, each feathering your wings,
Had carried me to my greatest cause linked to one another

I stepped over thousands of dead
Whose bodies made the stone to pave my way
Those who want to make it to the castle
Must start to step over the ones who have fallen
Or stay here to pave the roads for the one with the will to make it!!!