If I was miles away
Would I cross your mind
If I kept my distance
Would you ever miss the sound of my voice
What about
All the late night texts
The midnight calls
The sneaking out late
Lying that we’re going to study
Just so we can be together
The crazy moments we had
The outrageous sex moments

I could name a million memories
Yet all I ask is
Do you think of them
Do you think of me
Do you ever think of us
Do I ever cross your mind
Because you’re always on mine

I miss the old us
I miss being called wifey
I miss being told

What hurts the most is
I still look at your pictures
Hoping you will pop out
I do kiss the phone
Hoping you will kiss me back
Oh how much I hate you
For allowing me to love you
But I can’t help it
I miss your hugs
I miss your kisses
I miss the way you held me in bed
So tight and warm
I miss the sound of your voice
I miss you

However I’d rather be alone
Than be unhappy
Than be a fool for love