Keep calm, it is just a storm,
Do not be shaken, it will pass,
Yes! it is meant to grasp your attention,
“Live every day like your last”
How that must suddenly make sense,
But I assure you, it’s just a storm,
Yes! few leaves might have fallen from the trees,
And few branches might have been broken,
Yet I assure you, it’s just a storm,
Surely just passing by,

Remember, we heard it was there,
And now here, soon to be nowhere,
It has no ears so don’t let it hear you scream,
It has no eyes, so don’t let it see you cry,
However, do let it see you smile,
I know that your laughter is held back by uncertainty,
But it’s only for a while,
Spread the love,
Transfer that smile,
Spread that hope,
Let everyone know that it’s just a storm,
Soon to be over.