Every time I see you I wish the words would flip out of my mouth and spit the truth
But every time I feel so, they got stuck like my mouth is filled with food
My heart always sings unknown love songs like I’m Charlie Puth
These words I have for you are simple and meaning good

Before I saw you I never believed that black is beautiful
Those eyes that make my whole body freeze a moment is wonderful
I can’t compare them with diamonds cause man-made jewels can expire
Only stars can be compared to the eyes of my desire.

I become shy every time you smile
And wish we could fly just a mile
Come angel let’s walk for a while
I know for the fact that every woman’s heart is fragile

I will make sure that it will never be broken
The feeling is more powerful than the words spoken
I bet you were made for me but I don’t have a token
Love is not a game, don’t tell me you are taken

I want you to know that you are the one I adore
From the deepest part of my heart’s core