Being born blind is a difficult part
But there’s nothing I can really do
This really breaks my heart
Cause many don’t know what I go through

I’d love to see the mother who bathes me
Who clothes me and combs my hair so straight
Who prepares me a cup of tea
Not forgetting that delicious hot plate

But all I know is that I’m safe when I hear her voice
And that whatever she decides for me I know it is a best choice
Yes I may not be able to see the birds that sing
The birds that murmur a melody which soothes my soul
But joy in my heart they do bring
They surely do fill this empty hole (in my heart)

I can’t wait to grow up and be a teen
I do know there are difficulties I’ll have to face
Like meeting people who are really mean
People who’ll forever be on my case
But I do know that things won’t forever be bad

I find strength with my family, where I belong
And with them I am never sad
Cause with my family that’s where I am strong