I can’t help to keep quiet but tell you words from my heart because they’re meant for you.
Excuse my tears, they’re a sign of joy.
How happy am I to fall in love with you.

These words from my heart expresses the way I feel about you.
Can you feel me when I bow down in my heart everytime I see you?
Do you notice my extreme happiness when I see your glimpse?
Can you feel me everytime I think about you?

Have you noticed the way you turn me on everytime you pass by?
Dear beloved why have we made this incident of falling in love,
Where you are the queen of the bling and I am the king of the castle.
I can not help to sigh but speak words from my heart,
’cause they’re like emotions of devotions.

Your face is so superstitious, it makes me feel the ultimate seduction whenever I think about it.
You occupy my mind, everytime in my sleep my stars glitters your face and the moon shines your heart.
I tried to keep quiet but they got my heart in suffocation to eliminations.
If birds could tell the story, why can’t I tell ours to make them jealous?
If priests could preach about Adam and Eve,
Why can’t I write our own Bible?
I know I should have written you an SMS to tell you that I love you but my battery could’ve died on the way.

I should have written you a love letter but my ink could have stuck on the way of the introduction.
These words from my heart are longer than a novel with too many chapters like a Bible.
If love can be told, why can’t I show it to you?
Excuse my explanations but I need timeless timing because these words are endless.
If this love bond keeps us together why can’t I define its atomic structure?
If scientists can define the molecule for water as H2O,

Why cant I define the molecule for love as L.O.V.E?
If teachers can teach about Romeo & Juliet,
Why cant I write our own Musa & Octovia?
Excuse me for all this occupations but I wanna show you how much I love you.
When the sun rise and dies everyday,

Can you do me a favour and ask it how many times have I thought about you since it rose?
If you can take a memory stick and eject it from my mind,
The memories that you’re gonna print would take more than an art gallery.
Excuse these words if they’re touching but they’re words from my heart.

When folks tell a fairytale can you feel the beginning?
When I tell our story can you feel the ending?
This is not the ending but I’m mending my heart because it exhorted so much words in power.
I love you Octovia and I will always love you.